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Another new 1st of the month tomorrow.. means that Xmas is coming soon.. Back to my time in London, Xmas has been a very festive season down there.. with city lightened up plus jingle all the way in every corner.. With a plus of snow if you are lucky enough..

Back then I was staying by myself and food-to-go had always been my favourite.. My best picks were food from M&S (Yessss, they do have Marks and Spencer food down there).. with good taste and good value.. Plus couple more from Waitrose or Tesco..

For a little self-indulgence, why not try food from Food Hall brought to you by Harrods .. I was lucky to stay somewhere in South Kensington where Knightsbridge and Harrods were in a very short walking distance.. To satisfy my sweet-cravings, I always popped by this family owned pattiserie called Patisserie Valerie on my way home from Knightsbridge.. London next year anyone?

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:: Another BIG day ::

A day when the students have to showcase their efforts, knowledge and understanding after 12 (torturing – like they say) weeks of teaching haha.. and here we go..


Good job everybody!! Keep it up keep it up keep it up!!

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:: Another good news ::

My ex lecturer in INTI Malaysia has just emailed me and she said that the new brochure for SOBIZ (School of Business – formerly known as SOBAL – School of Business and Law) is ready for printing today.. anddddd… I will be inside of the brochure!! Yippieee.. another breakthrough in Malaysia hahaha.. so not just Krisdayanti or Miss Goeslaw.. but I hope I can do it too..


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Another good news from me, I am now a certified BODYCOMBAT instructor.. which translated into a higher pay for each class that I teach yayyyyy.. Waiting for that darn Nokia6500 classic that has been around in the website but never made its appearance so far.. blehhhh..

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That is what happened to me yesterday… I had my breakfast in the morning in KL.. then stopped by in Singapore for lunch with my friend (for that ultra-fast-3-hours) and it was raining all the way.. then had my dinner in Jakarta..wohhhooo.. that’s what I called as life hahahaha.. but very tiring by the end..

By the way, managed to meet my ex-lecturer in INTI last time and had lunch with her.. and guess what, as you may have something in your mind now – she is not with INTI anymore this round, in fact, she is now on hold with 2 big universities in Malaysia.. and the reason of leaving INTI? .. you guess hahahaha..

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:: Place ur Vote ::

Yacko is in da house.. well actually she is just like next to me now hahahaha.. Make sure you place your vote.. Check this out www.yackomusic.blogspot.com My favourite: Bronisss!!! Cant wait to get the new album!!

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:: Designing Fashion ::

No not me, my sister does. She has started to accept order starting from now. So if you want to have a tailored-made evening gown, kebaya or casual wear, please contact her directly on sh_filan@yahoo.com or alternatively you can contact me.. Jadi marketer sementara nih hahahaha.. Something about her: she has just graduated from Raffles Design Institute – Singapore last year (Formerly known as LaSalle International College).. In the meantime she wants to get some exposure in the real-life working experience.. Don’t worry.. Price is negotiable haha.. Some of her mini collection – See me Flow:

Mini collectiond-2.jpgd-3.jpgd-4.jpgd-5.jpgd-6.jpg

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