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Day 1: CGK-SIN-KUL – I was not worrying about the transit.. in fact, I definitely agree that Changi Airport should be voted as the world’s best airport.. It does not look like one, it is more to a shopping mall with countless shop and of course with 7% GST FREE for tourists, things are wayyy cheaper.. Arriving at around 2pm in KLIA and checked in Mandarin Oriental (why why why?) simply because the workshop will be held in TwinTower FitnessCentre.. who knows that underneath the twins, there is a fitness club equipped with basketball court!!

Day 2: KUL – Woke up early around 8am.. then registered for the workshop.. this time it was like a melting pot.. all instructors from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia plus Australia were all there.. Joined BODYCOMBAT as an appetizer, BODYVIVE (LOVE IT!!!), BODYJAM and BODYBALANCE as a dessert.. Finished off around 6pm and still managed to shop until 10pm haha.

Day 3: KUL-SIN-CGK – Still shopped in the morning in Pavillion, brought some Nike stuffs then off we went to KLIA by 2pm.. Arrived in SIN around 6 pm, had dinner and shopping again (phewww!!).. Finally, boarding announcement was made around 8.50pm and the flight took off by 9.20 sharp local time. Arrived in CGK by 10pm and dozed off by 11.30 haha.. What a trip.. it was kind of (too) short and (too) sweet..

All in all, this time everything was simply amazing!! Cant wait to teach them in class!!

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What happened if 10 ladies plus 2 guys had lunch in Pansious, not in 2 tables but squeezed in one.. Plus numerous orders and endless pictures-taking-session haha..


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:: Hand job ::

rose granatithai vertnaranji

From left to the right: Rose granati (extract of Moroccan roses), Thai-vert (infusion Thai kaffir lime leaves) and Naranji (soapless natural bactericides) handwash – all by Molton Brown. For this festive season, why not pamper yourself with the trio handwash liquid by Molton Brown. Don’t worry, now it can be found in Debenhams Senayan City. The damage? According to the website, each cost US$ 23, so I guess it will be around Rp. 220,000 here.. Good thing does not come cheap eh?! (Hope someone will be getting this for the gift exchange coming Friday hehehe)

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:: Double C’s ::

chips and caviar

Time to reward yourself for the year-end.. Look what I have found still from the same website www.bbc.co.uk/food A little self-reward with Double C’s that is Caviar and Chips.. It doesnt have to be expensive to treat yourself right.. The recipe is very easy.. Just buy frozen chips, packaged caviar and a dash of mayo.. there you are.. Simple and yummy!!

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Somehow I got a chance to try this ‘new tiramisu’ in town.. so I decided to give it a try.. well, it is best-served chilled, however, due to already-seen circumstances, then I was having it warm.. the first warm tiramisu that I have ever had haha.. Nevertheless, the taste was still good.. and as it said, it is slurpy.. I definitely agree with the tagline!! What’s the damage? For Rp.7500 per cup what can you ask for more? Definitely in my MUST list.

i-misu – my ratings 5/5

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Look what I have found.. Another home-based establishments to satisfy your sweet crave. Sweetzlurps proudly presents ‘i-misu’ – the new tiramisu in town.. Order yours now!

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Clockwise from the bottom:

1. Open-sandwich accompanied with rare smoked beef roast, condiments and drop of mayonnaise at the top – simply fresh and filling. The best thing is that all dishes served in Royal Copenhagen tableware plus they always have a set-lunch which includes your selection of appetizer, main course and dessert of the day (Royal Copenhagen – Takashimaya Department Store 2nd level – Singapore)

2. Macha Parfait, Anmitsu, Sakura ice cream and Tofu cheesecake (all from Sun and Moon Dining – The Wheelock Place or the Chijmes – Singapore). Macha was good – not too sweet not too heavy just nice. Anmitsu was next – Ask for extra jelly and you will beg for moreeee. Sakura ice cream was one of the best here – I think this will only be served during Sakura season in Japan. It had a delicate scent of sakura and pretty in pink. Last one, tofu cheesecake that served in a birdcage; or shall we call it tofucage? hehehe. Very soft, tender, just like a tofu (but it is a cheesecake!!!)

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