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:: Holiday Season ::

December and January are the most celebrated months of the year. While people are busy planning or holidaying, there are also some that need to stay for work throughout the holiday season. Not all of us enjoys the day off for Xmas Eve or New Year Eve. Jakarta, by its own, if you feel it the road has never been so free throughout the day. I guess it is because the schoolers are already on their holiday. However, shopping malls are packed and really hard to move or to find a parking space. All in all, Happy Xmas everybody and may the year ahead bring you lots of happiness and prosperity.

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It has been like 6 releases since I completed my combat training. That was on release 29. Then I proceeded to continue the journey, taking my members to the greater height. Since then, I was in the Launch Team for combat 31, 32, and 33. I still remember when I taught my first combat class in Senayan City somewhen in January this year. That was like.. whatever hahaha.. and few months later I managed to get a certification from LesMills. Time to fly then!! (Pictures are taken from totallylesmills.com and lesmills.com)


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:: Abeno-to ::


Another Japanese establishment in the heart of London. The must-try in this restaurant is its “Okonomiyaki” or people often call it as “Japanese Pizza”. The unique thing in this restaurant is that, those chairs can be used to put your belongings underneath (this really useful if you dont want to smell like okonomiyaki). Another point, if you order okonomiyaki, they will cook it right in front of you until its perfectly cooked. Ask for extra Japanese mayo and BBQ sauce to accompany your okonomiyaki. With not less than 23 side dishes, plus different fillings for okonomiyaki and rice dishes for the conservative eaters, this restaurant is a must try if you have a chance to visit London. Not just that, the design of this establishment will be your eye-theraphy while waiting for your okonomiyaki to be cooked (Abenoto – Covent Garden and China Town – London)

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:: The banner ::


Who says London is only about the bridge? hehe. Well, there is something definitely worth to visit over the bridge known as Tate Britain. If you have no idea what it is, then let me help you to put something in your mind. The unused for general turbine hall has been magically transformed into a museum. Yes, you read it correctly!! I had a chance to visit Tate for twice due to my art management project in my uni last time. Then I wanted to see how things were displayed and what were the greatest forms of mankind projects. Suprisingly, the ultra-chic museum which pampers the modern art worshippers has been designed with detailed finishings. The banner as shown above was one of the art projects that displayed in most spacious turbine hall ever.

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Hey everybody!! Just a quick update, if you have ever read (or even if you have not) my previous entry titled “Good news”.. Now I am a certified body combat instructor (officially) hehehe.. My name is listed together with other instructors in Asia Pacific that have been certified by LesMills. For full version of the magazine please download its pdf file on http://www.lesmills.com.au/lmap/home/LesMills/Everyone/Revolution/index.html and click on January 2008 issue.. I will be under bodycombat list hehe. Thanks for your support!! (LesMills logo is taken from lesmills.com)

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I am not sure where the term “potluck” comes in, however, it has been a tradition that a MUST do in our office. A semester will not be completed without a potluck. This time the theme is Indonesian, or in short called as “Selera Nusantara”. Ayam rica-rica, bakmi goreng, batagor, ikan acar kuning plus the super duper yummy bolu tape ketan item just to name a few. All gone within an hour.. well-almost..

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