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Heya people, i know it has been sometimes that i have not updated my blogs hehehe.. i dunno whether anyone would read this anyway.. but if you carefully look at my profile in my friendster, it clearly says “blogs have been moved to mrhalim.wordpress.com” and by doing that, it keeps my profile short and simple hehe..

Anyway, a little update from me, this coming Friday I will be having this body balance training for 3 days, another program from Les Mills that focuses on yoga, pilates and taichi.. basically it is how you connect your mind and body.. Not another hardcore though, but having attended 2 classes so far, I can say it is difficult, especially for those people who never had stretched enough (unfortunately, i am one of those people).. So I guess this is the beginning of a new age..

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Yayyy.. another semester has gone by..the whole(some) beginning.. kenapa “some” nya in brackets? because only some of them that feel this the whole new beginning hehehe.. Still seeing my old students though (read: repeating) students.. Hope this semester will be better than the last one..

First impression was: “Sir, katanya sir tough banget ya sir… ya iyalah, namanya juga quality controller” hahaha.. I only after the survivors huehehehe..

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