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:: The Finale ::

One semester has successfully passed huehehehe… It means that I have been working in this college for 4 months.. (not bad eh?!) Ok, now the end of the semester.. translated, equal to HOLIDAY!! Yeeeehaaaa… But before that, planning for few things.. going to HK or going to Jogja.. since my members are not confirmed yet sooo.. open plan as always..

A bunch of my colleagues are going to Bali next week..but luckily Mpok Nori will still be around hahaha. She has taken her annual leave and this means that she MUST come to the office even if nobody will be around hehe poor her!!

Next, HK sounds great as I am planning to go to Macau this round as well, but see how it goes..Alternatively, Jogja is not bad at all.. eyeing for that batik for sometimes already.. As far as I can remember the last time I went to Jogja was mid last year!! Miss the food and the food and the food hehe. Finally (or you can read as Finale) the holiday mode is ON!!!.. Really need a break before the new semester starts.. Happy holiday people!! Enjoy yourself..

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:: Try this ::

Create your own Friend Test here

Now, if you FAIL in the first test, there is always a chance for you to RE-SIT to the second test.. if you are still FAIL..then I have nothing to say hahaha.. Good luck!!

Create your own Friend Test here

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Without so much introduction, here we goooo…




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:: C.A.T ::

Last day of exam, tadi pagi saya bertugas sebagai Chief Invigilator huehehehe.. (tanpa samurai di tangan saya tentunya)… Hari terakhir exam kali ini benar-benar menegangkan sekaligus lucu..

Setelah sekitar 45 minutes exam berjalan, tiba2 ada suara kucing… and we thought that was from student’s mobile phone sms tone.. lupa dimatiin palingan.. eh gak berapa lama, bunyi kucing itu kembali terdengar.. kali ini lumayan kenceng and tidak berirama.. penasaran nih.. akhirnya Miss Malaysia asked me lift the table yang ditengarai sebagai sumber suara tersebut.. tiba2 saja seekor kucing hitam lari pontang panting gak karuan.. the students were like lifting their legs malah sampai ada yang mau berdiri di kursi segala..

Sama seperti yang anda bayangkan sekarang (kalau belum, silahkan dibayangkan) hehehe..alhasil setelah beberapa saat, students2 wanita (dan beberapa students pria too)pada ketakutan.. duhh I hope you can pass the exam ladies hahaha.. ini bukan sembarang kucing.. sempet manjat2 ke tiang juga.. terus lari pontang panting.. untungnya sebelum ditangkep oleh para pawang (yang aslinya cleaning service) kucing itu ngumpet di belakang ruangan di tumpukan kursi2.. duhhhh what a day.. one student said, wah bad luck nih liat kucing item..but i want to break the curse… bukan kucing item kali.. anggep aja itu cat woman yaa..

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Simple and sweet. The history of tiramisu traced back during the first world war. Women in the Northern part of Italy made this tiramisu by using the leftover cake and poured it with coffee. The tiramisu would typically be layered of lady fingers, mascarpone cheese, and the custard itself.. (Imagine it layer by layer, soft sponged cake, layered by vanilla custard and mascarpone cheese plus a dash of rum).. yum yummm.. This has been translated by JCo to have their own tiramisu doughnut.. and they called it as ‘Tira-miss-u”

Ok enough about the history, I remember there was one korean movie called ‘tiramisu’.. it has been said that the tiramisu is a love cake.. this is because when you eat it.. layer by layer.. you will feel like you were falling in love hehe (try this and tell me how do you feel).. I bet even more special if the tiramisu is being made by someone that you love the most hehehe.. not just a picked up tiramisu in Spaggedies or what we known as ‘tiramisu’ jadi-jadian hehehe.. jangan-jangan roti tawar disiram vla isi kue sus sama kopi udah jadi tiramisu ya huhehehe..

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:: Never Surrender ::

There you go.. one of my students is definitely fail for my marketing research subject. This is the story, last week they had their presentation for their research, then I have made some comments for few things which I want them to adjust in their final report.

One week later (that’s the duration for them to make any adjustments that they would like to have before their submit their work) this student of mine HK submitted his work and he is FAIL.. Not because he is not knowing what he is doing, but purely because he doesnt take my advice and suggestions to actually correct whatever mistakes that he has done during the presentation.. Then, I gave him a second chance (hoping that he could do better and realizing his mistakes). When he submitted for the second time, he didnt do much different in his report and again – I am sorry, but HK you are failed again. HK, if you read this make sure you do better in the next semester..

The other student of mine, R. He decided not to submit the final report which worth 60% out of 100%. He told me the story that he has lost the final report file (yeah rite, in the 2nd day of the submission??) Never mind, he told me that, ‘Sir, saya gak kumpulin deh. Kalo saya submit juga paling mentok dapet C. Jadi mending saya fail aja then next semester I will retake this subject and hopefully I will have a better grade’. (R, if you are reading this, I keep my fingers crossed – I know you can do it!!!)

Ok students, as I said before, the choice is in your hand. I am here to help you IF ONLY AND IF you are willing to help yourself first.. All the best and good luck for your exam!!

Never ever never ever surrender
Let all you dreams come true
Never ever never ever surrender
We will make it through
Never ever never ever surrender
If you want it too
It’s all up to you
Don’t ever surrender

(2 unlimited – Never Surrender)

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Last nite I had dinner with my junior highschool friends. Glad that we still keep in touch so far, whereas most of them are unknown in which part of the world they are presently. Anyway, offered them to go to Kedai 3 Nyonya in TIS Square. Not bad, but then the food was a little disappointing. Prefer the one in Wahid Hasyim more than this branch. The radish cake that we ordered was somehow hot outside but cold inside. The combro was not appetizing at all and almost tasteless. The grilled fish – Ikan Pecah Kulit was still the limelight of last nite dinner. It was perfectly done without being overcooked and it was tasty just by itself. Amazing fish hehehe. My second favourite was the jamur goreng in sweet and sour sauce as always. Yum yumm.. The beef ala 3Nyonya was nothing to talk about. My friend tried the gulai kambing and he said it was ok only. Again, for the drink my choice was Iced Ginger Tea – refreshing and spicy at the same time without being utterly sweet. Then the dinner was done.

Now is the second round hehe, we decided to try the award-winner poffertjes in Dutch resto (H.E.M.A) just opposite the place and next to DunkinDonuts outlet. Sadly, the poffertjes has finished and we didnt have a chance to try. So it was okay. Tried to look at the menu which priced around 6thou to 16thou. Not bad at all. Then tempted to try the pannekoek with maple syrup plus klappetaart and bitterballen.. Wooohoooo.. they were very nice until the last bite.. The pannekoek was ok with just a right amount of maple syrup. The bitterbalen was perfectly done, crispy from the outside and trust me it would melt in your mouth accompanied by mayo-mustard dip. And there was the klappetaart.. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. my all time favourite and DEFINITELY will go back there again for this signature dessert.. Slices of young coconut mixed with vanilla rhum and topped with crispy something-something.. This one will kind of addictive.. I warn you hehe..and that’s it.. highlight of the nite/dessert of the day: klappetaart… Yummmm..join me anyone??

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