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Our menswear design has made its debut appearance in KompasTV last weekend, here are the captures.

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I came across this article from HERWORLD magazine Singapore June edition that I thought its good just to share with you all. The article titled The Ultimate Sex Diet, read on and you may find it very interesting.


Omega-3 and Omega-6 are the essentials fatty acids to produce sex hormones. If you do not have enough then it would just sweep away your libido or even increase your risk of infertility. So where do you get this good fat? A handful of sunflower seeds a day would be the best source of unsaturated fats.


This translates to ‘sex mineral’ which blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. Women read on: those women with higher level of testosterone reportedly have a greater sex drive. Indulge yourself in a quarter-cup serving of pumpkin seeds a day. Sadly the article does not share what is this thing doing for guys.


The health bible says it over time, protein and protein. This would give you the energy and stamina to be on ‘Fire-zone’. According to the article, unfortunately, if you do not have enough supply of protein, then you may feel too lethargic for sex. Good source of protein you name it, salmon, oatmeal, tuna, beans and lean meat would do the trick.


This component has been known as the ‘sex vitamin’ since it is responsible for producing the sex hormones which will get you in the mood for love. Get yourself the sources in sunflower and pumpkin seeds and oils, others would be almonds, hazels and peanuts. Peanut butter toast for breakfast anyone?


Do you know that the pituitary (try to pronounce it) gland in your brain which controls the production of sex hormones thrives on Vitamin C? If orange is the God then kiwi is the goddess, plus steamed broccoli would do too. So what are you waiting for?


The function of this gank is to help the conversion of sugar into energy, so you would have a better immunity dealing with illness, stress of lack of sleep. The article says, if you do not get enough of these guys then you may experience depression, anxiety, physical tension and fatigue which everything would drain your sexual drive. Have your oatmeal or brow rice to boost your energy levels. (So next time if you pop by to Yoshinoya ask for brown rice for that 50Cents extra and let it do the wonders haha)



Rewritten from HERWORLD SINGAPORE JUNE 2012 edition

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:: Fly away ::

Having heard its reputation and improvement for being a reputable airline (A 5-stars airline sourced from SKYTRAX), then I gave it a go this time for a regional route that lasts for around 5 hours of flying. During the journey, I have found some flaws that I wish to highlight and share but then again, hopefully they would be treated as constructive feedback somehow.

Onward journey was fine, speedy check-in procedure was a plus, nobody was queuing and thanks for online check-in facility that is available 48 hours prior to scheduled departure time (it was 24 hours before). This time, I was in the old B777-300 with an ageing regional product. This translated to old-looking cabin and actually it was totally different from what you may see in the airline’s website and what it has been promoting all over the place, and I mean totally. I had a glimpse through business class section upon boarding and I believe that our national carrier has a better business class product.

Back to my seat, the standard pitch was alright but the bulky type of seat at this era seems soon be forgotten (and your competitors have just installed slim, ergonomically designed and more appealing seats on their fleets). Added to a picture where no AVOD (audio video on demand) was available for almost 5 hours of flying, that means just watch whatever was being viewed on your private screen. No pillow was on seat unlike its rival. Blanket would be made available only IF you ask for it (the other airline offers pillow and blanket in every seat), another box is not ticked.

Would you like to read some magazines? Oh yes, that is the only one in your seat pocket. Having traveled for sometimes, I personally prefer a wide arrange of reading materials that would keep myself busy during the journey. I was looking for them at the end of the section where the crew normally would put a selection of magazines, but there was none other than the frequent flyer forms.

Meal service then began. The breakfast or brunch was offered with 2 selection of main course (no menu card was distributed unlike the other one), chicken noodle or beef with rice. The tray consists of your selection of main course, a plate of fruit (3slices to be precised), a Biokul yoghurt and a danish. Nothing fancy really but would fill up your morning hunger for sometimes and that was it.

Returning journey was about the same. Same old aircraft, same regional product offerings (despite having read the forum that it is actually based on your luck – whether you get a new product or the old one; and you would not know until you board the aircraft, but hey we are paying dollars and we do have a certain expectation to make our trip a memorable one). The only thing that made up the returning journey was the meal service, where this time it was tastier and more proper food than the first sector.

In general, in-flight service was only OK. Note that one of the crew faked the smile and was not genuinely interested in doing her job while the only thing I asked was a glass of water after the meal service and nothing else! For your interest, there was none being offered after the meal service and only another round of drinks 30 minutes prior to land. It was very contradicting where I read this tag ‘people, make airline’ almost everywhere. Oh yes, either the good or the bad.

To sum up, it was not as I expected and I would think twice to fly with this airline again in the future. Well, ok it has a 5stars rating but for me the stars may not be the shining ones.

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