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I came across this article from HERWORLD magazine Singapore June edition that I thought its good just to share with you all. The article titled The Ultimate Sex Diet, read on and you may find it very interesting.


Omega-3 and Omega-6 are the essentials fatty acids to produce sex hormones. If you do not have enough then it would just sweep away your libido or even increase your risk of infertility. So where do you get this good fat? A handful of sunflower seeds a day would be the best source of unsaturated fats.


This translates to ‘sex mineral’ which blocks the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. Women read on: those women with higher level of testosterone reportedly have a greater sex drive. Indulge yourself in a quarter-cup serving of pumpkin seeds a day. Sadly the article does not share what is this thing doing for guys.


The health bible says it over time, protein and protein. This would give you the energy and stamina to be on ‘Fire-zone’. According to the article, unfortunately, if you do not have enough supply of protein, then you may feel too lethargic for sex. Good source of protein you name it, salmon, oatmeal, tuna, beans and lean meat would do the trick.


This component has been known as the ‘sex vitamin’ since it is responsible for producing the sex hormones which will get you in the mood for love. Get yourself the sources in sunflower and pumpkin seeds and oils, others would be almonds, hazels and peanuts. Peanut butter toast for breakfast anyone?


Do you know that the pituitary (try to pronounce it) gland in your brain which controls the production of sex hormones thrives on Vitamin C? If orange is the God then kiwi is the goddess, plus steamed broccoli would do too. So what are you waiting for?


The function of this gank is to help the conversion of sugar into energy, so you would have a better immunity dealing with illness, stress of lack of sleep. The article says, if you do not get enough of these guys then you may experience depression, anxiety, physical tension and fatigue which everything would drain your sexual drive. Have your oatmeal or brow rice to boost your energy levels. (So next time if you pop by to Yoshinoya ask for brown rice for that 50Cents extra and let it do the wonders haha)



Rewritten from HERWORLD SINGAPORE JUNE 2012 edition

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