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:: Transition period ::

Hello everybody.. it has been sometimes that I have not updated my blogs hehehe due to time constraint and this and that.. anyway, i am in my transition time now.. it was kind of hard for me to let go my position as a lecturer in one of the private colleges in Jakarta.. not just that, but I really wish to see my students embrace their future out of my curiosity.. However, another challenge for me to settle down with my current position as a Group Exercise Manager in FitnessFirst Platinum Grand Indonesia.. My new baby is only 7 days old.. so I really have to take care of it..

Lots of things happening in the past few weeks.. including thousands of scripts and assignments to be marked URGENT!! hahaha.. but I have not had a chance to even place my fingers on it.. My students if you are reading this, I do deeply apologize.. my 24 hours are not enough to do everything in one shot.. I should not take it as an excuse though.. but that’s the reality.. I was not feeling well for the past few days.. and hopefully I will recover soon.. It looks easy.. double job = double pay.. but with One single time? I doubt it.. Anyway, I hope I could settle everything soon so that I can focus in my new job.

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Heiii everybody, sorry for not updating my blogs for sometimes.. I have been very very busy for the past few weeks.. running and handling double job in transition is not that easy hehehe.. btw, I am proudly announce that the 7th Club is open now.. FitnessFirst Platinum Grand Indonesia is located in 11th Floor Grand Indonesia Office Tower..

Have been struggling with this and that but luckily everything is fine.. no cancellation so far, well there were 2 classes that no members joining.. first it was because first class in the club and second it was the member’s decision not to have class since he/she was the only one joining.. Never mind, things are moving forward.. Keeps my fingers crossed.. If you have not visited the club yet, make sure you come and just have a look around.. Swimming pool is ready too.. See you all there!!

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