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Wohhhoooooo I just cant wait to visit one of its branches in Plasa Indonesia РGlow section Ground level.. If you are wondering what am I talking about.. then just click here 

Wait for the full review once I have tried it hehehehehehehe.. counting down the time by now..

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The nearest food court available somewhere near my office is Food Louvre located in Grand Indonesia SkyBridge.. Things that I have tried:

  1. Leiker – was opt to ‘mie manis pake jamur’ and ‘baso sapi’.. the portion was huge for Rp22.000.. I think next round I would share this.. was unable to finish the noodle yesterday though.. out of curiosity Leiker has always had a long queue.. The taste? for me, was average.. nothing special.. except the ‘sambal’.. recommended to mix that with kecap manis..
  2. Sate Senayan Express – I tried the nasi kuning the other day.. not bad at all.. generous serving of side dishes.. but not overloaded..
  3. Sate Senayan Jajan Pasar – bought the talam ubi, talam jagung and all kind of talams hahahaha.. but highly¬†recommended – BUBUR CAMPUR!! It’s a MUST-TRY item.. dont worry about the fat and sugar, will dash them out during the work out period hahaha.. I call this as self-indulgence
  4. Saboga – Have had this for couple times.. I like it.. the siomay looks tempting though.. may try this too next round..
  5. Poke sushi – the best Poke Sushi ever is located in Food Louvre, not in Crowne Plaza nor Dharmawangsa.. Ordered Salmon Salad with a very generous slices of salmon.. and the sushi was jumbo as compared to other branches.. the deal is either 20% or 30% off for all items.. yayyy..
  6. Nectar – Sweet corner.. tried the Bangkok sunset which is a mango juice mixed with jelly.. I think all kind of sweet here is somehow too sweet.. but just nice to try..

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I have visited this place for quite few times for the past few weeks hehehehe.. having lunch is much more fun when you have a companion and not just by yourself.. anyway, things recommended to order in sushi tei:

  1. Steak Sushi with no tamago plus extra mayo
  2. Takoyaki with no tako hahahaha.. somehow Takoyaki sold in Takashimaya food court has a better taste of tako.. plus options of having bacon and cheese filling
  3. Salmon mentai with a little burned on the top but not for the asparagus
  4. Jelly fish – ask for the super cold one.. it tastes better
  5. Salmon skin only

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Hi everybody it has been a while that i have not written anything in the blog hehehe.. anyway, lots of things were overdue.. let me recall that one by one..

KL Quarterly Workship for this quarter was fun.. but sad to say that only 4 of us were going.. but I am glad to meet my Singaporeans FF team hehehe including my master in teaching combat.. The workshop kicked off with BODYCOMBAT in the first place.. red-eye-hour.. 8 in the morning.. then followed by the rest of the programs..

I dont really like this round release though.. it is totally different from the current one.. anyway, some tracks were challenging hehehe.. I joined BODYJAM too.. and it was super fun.. really love the new release and planned to join the launching..

Didnt shop this time round though.. ehh wait a minute.. managed to get a NIKE cropped pants and tshirts plus polo shirt hehehe was aiming at the jacket but too sad that S is still to big for me.. better luck next time.. I would reconsider of joining the next quarterly though.. it is gonna be held in the last day of the month.. and equally meaning that it’s the due date of all the report.. wewww.. let’s see how we can go from here..

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