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Wohhhoooooo I just cant wait to visit one of its branches in Plasa Indonesia – Glow section Ground level.. If you are wondering what am I talking about.. then just click here 

Wait for the full review once I have tried it hehehehehehehe.. counting down the time by now..

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Click the link on your right handside under “blogroll” and I hope it would satisfy your crave for sweets hehe.

It pioneered by my good friend that tries to market his products over the Internet due to the peak season of e-commerce thingy. Something that is easy to handle and easy to maintain too. I have tried it once and now is your turn hehe. Hope you like it!!

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What makes Korea sooo Korea? The answer is easy.. the food, the bed and the scenery. Korean food has its own distinct characteristics, with bold taste but not too much this and that. Less is More. This also applies in Korean traditional bed known as “ondol” with underfloor heating which maybe a little strange for those who are not used to it, but trust me it was really nice to sleep on ondol accompanied by rice pillows (another Korean signature). Last but not least, the scenery. It will pamper your senses.

korea-trip-147.jpg korea-trip-142.jpgkorea-trip-149.jpgkorea-trip-148.jpg

Food is another affair in Korea. I recommend you to always stick with the local dishes. Do as the locals do. First recommendation will be “hotpot” which is very ideal for sharing with your family (or you may have it for yourself). This traditional dishes can be found in any corner in Korea. Choose your own vegetables and kind of meat that you prefer. Eat it when it is hot. Koreans will eat hot food in the hot weather and cold food in the cold weather. So ice cream in winter time is a must.

Second thing, go for Kimchi. It may taste a little strange for first-timer but the more you eat it, the more you like it, and once you are home, you will miss it (just like I do). This Korean pickles are internationally well-known, can be made in any kind of vegetables and in total there are at least 200 types of kimchi. It will be your daily food and you will be grateful to know its benefits and ultra-nutritive ingredients all in one.

Third one, ask for condiments as they will normally serve together with your main dishes. These condiments may vary depending on the restaurant that you are dining. Huge range of condiments starting from seaweed, mushrooms, fried-squid, sweet potato to cucumber and cooked octopus. Once you like it, you can ask for a refill. It is free of charge.

All in all, try to enjoy Korean food.. as much as you enjoy the country!! Take it as your personal experience.


For more information please visit Korea Tourism Board

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