Well, have you fedwell?

As we are getting more health-conscious and more concern in what we are eating, the trend speaks to the world as it expands the opportunity for the businesses to carter this demand, by means in supplying healthier and sustainable food products. I really hope that this is not just a short term trend, but will be a sustainable one for the benefits of our society and planet of course.

Society in general is getting more conscious and particular in what they are eating, how the food has been produced, what are the ingredients in the package, how honest does the food labeling apply, do you really read the amount of calories and sugar before you decide to buy or not to buy some food products? I did not, but now I do and I always do, for me it works like an auto-scan before I really make a purchase; but never mind, impulsive buying will not harm you every now and then right?

With the growing trends towards a healthier and more sustainable eating lifestyle, there are more food outlets in the market that specifically carter to this demand; one of those is the one that I tried last time, named Fedwell.

A rather newish establishment tucked away in PIK area (as it already has another 2 outlets), Fedwell greets you with the pink hues interior, a flamingo neon decor on the wall, plus an array of cooked superfood which believed to be fully packed with micro and macro nutrients. How does that sound to you?

The shop was not ready until 10AM, even though it said to be opened at 9AM. So here, you would have to place your order first, pay, then find a table to sit and enjoy the food. Other than that, you also be given 2 choices, either you create your own meal, or simply take one of its signature bowls. The DIY bowl priced at IDR75K for the regular one, add another IDR20K then you will be served the hungry portion!

Having heard the rave reviews of this place from friends; I decided to try two of its signature named ”The Shrub Grub” and “The Pesca Pasta”. The former consisted of greens, salmon gravlax, kale slaw, tomato basil, edamame, broccoli snap, basil ranch, wholewheat kremes, and super seeds; and the former consisted of gigli pasta, salmon gravlax, tomato basil, mushroom party, almond cauliflower, onsen egg, skinny alfredo, wholeweat kremes and puffed quinoa.

When they came, overall the portion was alright but there were few things that did and did not match my expectation (perhaps? correct me if I am wrong).

  • Greens were super fresh but I wished they served in a cooler state
  • Salmon, tomato, edamame, broccoli, basil ranch, wholewheat kremes were enjoyable
  • When I read Kale slaw, I was expecting something like coleslaw but made from Kale instead; but I was wrong, it was just a Kale without a slaw? I was not sure if it was the way it meant to be served; or else it should be listed as ‘Kale’ not Kale slaw (?)
  • The almond cauliflower was the star! And so did the beef meatballs!
  • I enjoyed the pasta and the mushroom party (really good!)

Tempted to try the cake, and the carrot cake seemed the most tempting from the rest (that time there were honey cake and chocolate cake on display; but did not find lemon chia cake). Surely the carrot cake did not disappoint at all for IDR40K.

All in all, it was a pleasant and enjoyable dining experience, you get what you paid for. I wish that the portion could be a little bit more generous though. Nevertheless, good space, nice interior, and super food!

lombok and gili t


I was lucky to be able to fly from the newly developed gigantic and brand newish airport the most anticipated YIA (Yogyakarta International Airport), it took around 45 mins journey in the morning and normally would take around 60-75mins drive as the driver told me. The airport is huge, spacious, and man it makes you feel like you are not in Jogja at all, despite the public transportation that is still being developed, this icon surely would become an icon by its own and a status symbol for Kulon Progo as the gate to Jogja.

AirAsia recently foresees the development of Lombok to become the next paradise in Indonesia archipelago; and I believe that is one of the reasons why it flies the route YIA to Lombok Praya and selected days, as frequent as 3 flights per week and with easy connections from Denpasar (more on that later) and also a direct flight from Jakarta of course (and some international flights too).

Having landed at around lunch time, the LOP (Lombok Praya International Airport) is located in the middle of the island itself, and having researched previously, I decided to head to the South, where the Kuta Beach is located (yes, it named the same as the one in Bali). Around 30 mins from the airport, and tada you are in the heart of the hype.

My first stop is Terra, a small local shop led by not less than 4 personnel whom excel in their culinary scene. With the tag line ‘the food that loves you back’, I tried its infamous smoothie bowl to beat the heat that afternoon which turned out did not disappoint at all. Terra’s menu looked so good including the sushi tempeh but I didnt try perhaps next time. If you are into vegan, health-conscious, and love the ingredients that are organically grown then this is the place to be! In addition, the food will love you back! IG: TERRA_LOMBOK

Out of curiosity, I popped in Kenza which is located just a few steps away from Terra. Interestingly, Kenza offers a more laid-back atmosphere, together with friendly staffs whom treat you like they know you for ages! Other than food and beverages, Kenza also sells locally made handicrafts, souvenirs, accessories and so on, so feel free to browse while waiting for your order. Having eaten smoothie bowl at Terra, I decided to skip lunch instead and ordered myself a beautifully fluffy stacked pancakes which is too pretty to be eaten, and not forgotten that it came with a bougainvillea petal at the top. I could stay there the whole day and just watching people passing by. IG: KENZALOMBOK

Next stop is Milk Espresso, as you could guess from its name that this venture is well-known for its Aussie style brekkie combo (and coffee of course! as it opens daily as early as 7AM) which I was too full to try! Do not worry, this is also located just a few steps away from Kenza so you will not be too far away from beautiful place which offers delicious food that worth the calories! Was too full to eat a big meal, I looked at the cake display and opted for a cinnamon roll which to my liking was a little too dry but nevertheless was alright! Would definitely come back next time! IG: MILKLOMBOK

Cinnamon Roll and fresh juice

Having stuffed myself well, I decided to get a little rest and SVARGA was my choice to stay this round IG: SVARGARESORT, it is located at the North of the island at the famous Senggigi Beach area and around an hour drive back from Kuta area. Not just beautifully landscaped with manicured garden and greens, this newish resort is too chic, bright, and spacious with an affordable nightly rate that comes with breakfast set too!

The driver told me that nowadays people start to move away from Senggigi area to Kuta at the South or directly hop on to the Gili (Trawangan, Meno or Air). As a result, few businesses rather quiet and some unfortunately were forced to close down, so if you are looking for a decent place or cafe for a meal it is always better to call first to avoid disappointment. The good thing is that you are never too far away from plenty convenience stores, shops, eating places and warungs. For dinner, I tried Pasta Pojok which I found from browsing through the google map and saw whats nearby. I ordered arancini (stuffed rice balls) and a homemade gluten free pasta (yes they do have some gluten-free menu, but I did not notice that it might contain more eggs, hopefully not!). The meal was good, decent, and affordably priced, best part is all the pasta is homemade. BIG LOVE! IG: PASTAPOJOKSENGGIGI


After breakfast with a breath-taking view, I still amazed of how the architecture of SVARGA RESORT designed it in such a way that every room still enjoys unbeatable view of the sea, but one still maintains its privacy of each room even if you are at the higher level. In short, breakfast is served at the restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating overlooking the infinity pool and more view of the sea.

Now the journey starts! Taking a fast boat or a regular boat from Senggigi to Gili T is the common plan, so I decided to go along with this. The sea port called ‘Bangsal’ and as I have read in few advisories that you must be careful with the scam, telling that your boat has left, or your ticket is invalid, therefore, head to the official ticketing counter (which at time was under renovation). Minimal signage, so you have to ask carefully about the ticket price and the schedule. The ticket costs IDR85K one way and should not be more than that and the journey took around 45-60mins with a quick stop at GiliAir, Gili Meno and finally Gili Trawangan or famously known as Gili T. Otherwise if you are in a slow pace holiday, why not hop on in the regular boat which costs IDR25-30K depending which island you would like to hop off.

Interestingly, no motor vehicles are allowed in Gili T, so rent a bike or charter a local horse-drawn carts named Cidomo. For the health conscious hiring a bicycle could be much more fun as you can explore the island and also exercise (there are paths that very sandy so you have to get off from your bike and carry your bike manually). Overall it was a new experience for me and very fun! Gili T itself is the largest and the most visited island as compared to the other 2 Gili islands. You could go around the whole island in around 30-40minutes by bike. Let me tell you, Gili T is very laid-back spot, which blessed with stunning beaches to spot sunset and sunrise. Locals are very friendly and welcoming!

The 4 months old Santorini Beach Resort was selected due to its design and yes the white and blue hues that make you feel like you are in local Santorini haha. It features 24 rooms that overlook swimming pool and just steps away from the beach. You might want to note that this resort is located at the Western part of the island, whereas the port, shops and more accommodations are located on the Eastern part of the island, but as long as you have a bike with you then you are good to go!

I always fascinated and excited of what the locals have to offer in my trip and that includes the local food establishments as it has already passed lunch time! So by chances, Kayu Cafe (IG: KAYUCAFEGILI) was another hit on the point! You will be greeted by the coffee scent once you entered the humble cafe and a rather busy afternoon. The food was great and not forgotten to mention the view. My personal tips: go and find a table by the beach or by the upper floor for more undisturbed view of the beach. Lunch time might be very busy and sometimes they could run out of some items too such as chips, tortilla and so on, so be early and try your luck!

Kayu Cafe by the beach

What else? Try the local boulangerie! Yes, there are 2 in the island, the first one is le boulangerie that is located not too distant from the port. Pick your favourite escargot, or chocolate danish or whatever you might want to try if you are a flour worshipper like me haha! The second establishment is tucked away from the main road, and is located at the small alley, named NICO BOULANGERIE. It has the best lemon curd tartlet in the island and when I came there I was lucky to get the last piece! Oh, and the apple pie was the bomb too! You know like the pie, with full of sliced apples fillings, brown sugar and just the right hint of cinnamon! Heaven! Do not worry there are plenty of ATMs located in the island, Mandiri, BRI, BNI, Niaga, except BCA.

Almost everywhere is the good spot to catch the glimpse of a sunset and sunrise, so be sure you are there during the golden hour. Having read the review of the local night market, if you wish to try then do not forget to always ask the price first before ordering. They sell lots of sea food, ready to eat dishes and so on; and might get crowded during dinner time. I then decided to dine at Regina which known best for its pizza whom prepared, baked to perfection by the Italian owner. Mammamia, the pizza turned out to be very good and authentic. In contrast, the pasta was a little too overcooked but nevertheless the sauce was to die for! Highly recommended!


Gili T is for the early riser, wake up early to catch the best sunrise view from your very own window! I was eager to try kayaking but due to high tide from the previous night (and still went on until the morning hour) so it was not possible to do it. Thus, I decided to get another island circle ride with my bike and enjoyed even more spots to take some photos for my feed. Few spots were very quiet literally like you would feel that its your own island!

It’s time to move to Bali so again you could either hop a ferry ride back to Lombok and to its airport to fly to Bali, or else get a fast speed boat from Gili T to Bali (Padang bai). Get your ticket at an official ticket counter and prices may vary depending on the size of the ship and schedule departure. Mine priced at IDR350K and it took about 2hours40minutes to Padang Bai, with a complimentary bus shuttle to Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta, Sanur, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Airport, and so on.

Once arriving at Padang Bai you will be directed to the bus that would take you to your final destination. The journey to Seminyak (where I was staying for a night) took about 2 hours so be sure you stock up with some water and snacks!

Dinner was at a rather humble (and I think its newish) establishment called Taco Casa Seminyak which serves a decent Mexican cuisine and it was really good!



Maison at C was the choice to spend my night in Seminyak; as I have had visited and surveyed last time but only managed to get a chance to stay this round. Humbly priced and location wise was alright too, plus its rustic vintage decor and style which a feast for the eyes.

What is Bali without the beach? So right after waking up, beach was next on the list!

A visit to Bali will not be completed without a visit to Monsieur Spoon which famous for its danish, pastries, and so on! This place definitely will be in my list every time I go and visit Bali. You will be warmly greeted with the scent of flaky buttery croissant right from the oven and that scent would occupy the whole restaurant! What to choose? Well, every thing is good, my suggestion get few items then share the calories, so you could have a taste a little bit of everything! It does serve breakfast and lunch too! There are few outlets in the island, but mind you if you drive a car, finding a parking space might be troublesome sometimes, so because of this to I went to the Canggu branch with its backyard parking space.

Moving on, the next night I stayed at one of the best hidden gems in Bingin proximity. The property is uniquely bookable only either via airbnb or direct booking and since this is very high in demand, so you must make a reservation at around 3 months prior to your visit. It is truly one of a kind accommodation where you have to walk from the parking lot, pass the local neighbourhood, which lead you to a small alley and few hundreds steps down the cliff, then there you are! So my tips: just pack things lightly and be fit! Haha! Climbing up and down the stairs was almost like a fitness test in real!

Of course your fitness test pays off when you witness the sunset and the sunrise by your own small terrace (that comes with hammock!) How cool is that? You will never be too far from the beach when you stay here, everything is local and its a paradise for the surfers. Not to worry, it is time to disconnect sometimes from the world as the signal may not be existent all the time. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beach and the surroundings!


The staff said always close the window as they might be monkeys play around in the morning and they were! Nothing is more breathtaking than a morning dip at the beach just right in front of your room while you enjoy the sunrise scene at the same time and get a little sun-kissed tanned all over your body! Next thing, let the waves wash your feet! Be ready to bring some spare shorts (preferably the quick-dry ones) some spare tshirts or tanks too as the sea always invites you to jump in and get some splash!

By the way, the room does not inclusive breakfast but you can always order from the ala carte menu and there are some local establishments around you (shall try next time!)


  • Book a car if you wish to stay in Lombok before your next departure to Gili T as there are only a few daily departure to and from the island, so at least you could explore the Southern part of the island namely Kuta, trust me its worth going!
  • Get your fast boat ticket from the official ticket counter as there will be people trying to sell you the ticket and so on, so prior research is always advisabrele!
  • Once you are in Gili T, rent a bike, which should not cost you more than IDR50K for 24hours (or 25 hours of usage). Your island adventure would be much more easier with a bike, and on the plus point you are working out at the same time!
  • Bring or prepare some cash or withdraw from the nearest ATMs as most shops only accept cash
  • Reserve your flight early, a return ticket from CGK for mid-October is priced at IDR1.342K, whereas from YIA to LOP is priced at IDR937K
  • Pack as light as possible! Do not forget to wear your flip flop and lots of sunscreen!


Credits to the Photographer who willed to get splash over the waves over and over again in order to capture instagram-worthy pictures, and got the iphone wet! Ooopss.. plus the trip planner who planned this remarkable trip before hand! ありがとうございました

:: Green Goodness ::

One of my favourite fruits is this green kiwi which believed to contain more vitamin C than oranges plus other benefits too.

A little to pricey for the sweetness and sourness at once. Glam?


:: Rati Rati ::

Received a glossy red box that says ‘Open Your Dream’ and when I opened it of course I was not dreaming as the content was so heavenly.

You could scent the fresh blueberry upon opening the box and since it was not sliced then it was a messy foreplay with creme and the sponge cake to start of with.

I love the texture of the blueberry sponge cake and its filling but I am sorry to say that I am not a big fans of that creme de la creme. Luckily fresh blueberries managed to calm myself down and enjoy every bite of late night indulgence l would say. Two words: very satisfying!

Unfortunately, the brochure attached was not as appealing as its product plus with its broken English here and there and (pardon me) the design could have been way better than what it is now (proof read is needed here). But hey forget about the marketing stuffs and just enjoy the cake! Everybody says YUMMMM!!



Having a late evening class and went home after with horrible traffic condition plus nothing on the table were meant for impulsive decision when it comes to hunger.

I was looking at the flyer from PHD and hey it wasnot an usual one. The new flyer came in a glossier piece of paper, more sophisticated wording and divine appeal. All in all to introduce its new product – the Thin Crust Club line pizza.
It took 20 minutes to arrive and came not in ordinary red box ala pizza hut, it came in a black box instead. I believe this is to allure the more premium market for the line (somehow it feels like marzano)

My pick was the Italian beef pronto that has quite a decent topping and premium taste, do not expect the old school style of mountained toppings. This one was subtle but surprisingly tasty with that crispy thin crust as promised and this line only comes in one size contains 8 pieces.

Other selections in the menu were: Spicy chicken soy, Salmon shiitake mayo, and Spinach cream cheese (priced at IDR64K to IDR79K)


All in all, the pizza and cheese wheezy plus the delivery cost come to IDR116K, quite reasonable especially when you are feeling like eating something.

:: Time for Zen ::

I could hardly recall when was the last time to visit this place again after sometimes being attached to cozy.

The other day I managed to slot in a session for 90mins foot reflexiology and since I did not have anyone I preferred in particular so I left the decision to the receptionist.

I was attended by female therapist and the usual routine followed. Started with a warm water and salt dip upstairs while the shoulder was massaged, then led to a private room which would fit for 3 guests at one time. A warm rice pillow was placed either on the shoulder, back of the neck or lower back, whichever preffered. Huge massage chair I would say.

Pressure, skills and techniques made my 90minutes such a bliss, aslept through almost up to the end of the session when she offered me something to drink: water, tea or ginger. Ginger was my pick and the session was not ended there, another round for my shoulder, back and neck for the finale.

All in all, Zen has successfully maintain its consistency of service and for IDR98k for 90mins session I think it is worthed.

Book early as it might get very busy for afternoon to closing time.

:: 2012 in review ::

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

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