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The first time I went to this place was purely (Definitely!) only for dessert. This time round I have a chance to try its main dishes. Tucked away in CentralWorld – Bangkok, this outlet is surely not to be missed. The Japanese chic minimalist feeling has been carried throughout the interior as well as the menu book design. Simple and everything is just either good or very good.

Dominated by earthy-coloured background but kind of colourful cushions would make you feel like you want to linger just a little longer.

Ambiance: Tokyo is on the table!! Not just on the table though, but almost every corner in this little establishment. I wonder where the kitchen really is located. A little busy during meal time, but not to worry as there should always be table that is available for you.

Service: Language is the main problem as the waitress did not take our first order, but she well noted everything that came there after eventhough we ordered as we pointed at the picture in the menu and I spoke in a very clear manner. I suggest you to just point and make a gesture to order. Sadly to say that the food that we ordered did not come in order. My corn soup came after the rice dish was being served. The rest was all good, but again if you need something make sure the person whom you speak to understand you. Always request something with a smile.

Price: A meal for 6, inclusive main dish for each plus a salad and a soup for sharing plus extra round of drink brought up nothing more than THB2000, that is around IDR600K (less than that actually 1THB is IDR280-IDR285). Pretty reasonable and pocket friendly.

Food: Caesar salad made its first appearance in my table, it was good good good. The greens were all fresh, the dressing was just nice, plus the extra bacon bits here and there. Served a little cold that is what I preferred for salad. My corn soup did not arrive right after that, but came what my dad has ordered, a Pork Hamburg Japanese style with rice. This dish is simple and yet very tasty. The meat was succulent, grilled to its best and the sauce was generous. My sister’s order was a tri-colore spiralli pasta with salmon bits in vodka sauce. Yes, it was drenched in Vodka pinkish sauce. Suddenly I am a fans of this dish! Definitely will have it for my own next time and strictly no sharing. The vodka swept away the fishy taste from the salmon and blended beautifully with the pasta. Since I was craving for Japanese style curry then I had this Japanese curry rice served with Cheese-pork cutlets. Highly-recommended!

Note: all dishes served in a just nice portion, not too much and not too little. Perhaps they tend to make it this way so that you (including me) will have a spare somewhere for their palatable and fabulous dessert!! I just hope that the flood will make its wayyyy as soon as it could so that I can return to this one soon!! I mean very very soon.

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Having referred by a friend of mine who knows that I am a dessert, cookies freak, then decided to really must place an order for this one. The simple Japanese style chic minimalist website with a soothing sound as background somehow triggers you to browse it over and over.

A variety of poundcake, cookies and puff are made to order by Surely/Someday+Kitchen. It took me a day and a night just to figure out what to order as everything looks very good and definitely a must-try. After a long consideration then finally I settle myself for Earl Grey cookies, Pineapple Tart and Chai Spice cookies. That moment I imagined that I sipped to a cup of hot chai tea latte but this one comes in a form of cookies.

Order settled, payment ticked, then here we gooo. A grey box with a little ribbon and my name on it made the delivery a bit more special and personalised. Really love the packaging though. The Earl Grey Cookies is definitely a must-order item, you can taste the hint of earl grey even after you are done with the cookies, it lingers somewhere in your mouth for sometimes. Don’t expect an ordinary ‘nastar’ or Pineapple tart, Surely/Someday+Kitchen has done its homework, that spices tasted at the shell really gives you a kick in mind that this is not the usual grade of pineapple tart. Last but the grandest and my top pick is the Chai Spice Cookies. Looking at them closely, it looks like it has been layered by milk and spices at the top. While you have it in once, it melts and it creates that sensation of spicy but not utterly sweet. I can actually taste the cinnamon, milk and some other spices there too. A tea’s best friend I would say. Highly recommend this one.

Just in case you are curious, feel free to find this mother and son joint venture in the Facebook: SURELY/SOMEDAY+KITCHEN, twitter @sskitchen and I warn you – do not drool when you browse its website http://www.surelysomedaykitchen.com

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My family and I have planned this trip for sometimes, last year it was cancelled due to the political unstability in the capital, then this year just before we left, there was a flood issue all over the place. We kept ourselves informed about the development and anticipation towards the issue, but nevertheless we made it, we stayed there, we enjoyed, and we cannot wait to come back.

This is not our first time visiting the City of Angels, the last time my parents went here was almost 11 years or 12 years ago, and myself was merely a few months back, but really only went for a shopping with totally no sightseeing. Bangkok has changed a lot in a positive way, lots of big developments and tourism seems to be the center of economic life in this country.

Anyway, we went for a Temple trip this time, not the first time too but you know it gives you a very good feeling as you are connected to the Almighty. Golden Temple or WAT TRIMITR was the first stop where you could see the Buddha statue in a solid gold weighting 5.5 tons, one of the oldest temples in the city. Second stop was at The Reclining Buddha or locals refer as ‘WAT PHO‘. Many mistaken for the term ‘sleeping’, ‘resting’ or whatever, in fact the statue has its eyes open, so it is called ‘reclining’. Not the longest and the largest in Bangkok, its counterpart which is longer and larger lies somewhere in the countryside and well kept. Wat Pho was built to serve as a learning centre; this is where the Thai massage and Yoga were originated. One could see the blend of the Thai and Chinese art here, looking at the window frames as well as the roof. The last stop was WAT BENCHAMABOPHIT or Marble Temple, this temple is one of a kind. Unlike others, this temple built using Italian Marble, with a French mosaic through the window frame, as well as adopting Chinese style at the rooftop.

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This is my second stay in the property and just like any other Hyatt properties, this grand is located close to everywhere. Adjacent to the skybridge that takes you to the BTS station, Grand Hyatt Erawan is truly a good place to stay in. Not forgotten to mention the service that is always fuss-free, personalised, impeccable and efficient (Imagine that everyone addressed you by name!).

Being a Gold passport member for few years and earning a Platinum tier, it gives me lots of benefits upon check-in and also free upgrade to suite as I was travelling with my parents too. The other room was booked for the newly wed my sister and her husband. Located in the highest floor with an access to the Grand Club where the guests could unwind and enjoy afternoon cocktails and ala carte breakfast every morning, the Suite room was impressive enough, bright and airy.

The little surprise came for the newly wed, all complimentary by Grand Hyatt Erawan. The chef delivered himself to the room a chocolate fountain, fresh strawberries plus cut local fruits and a bottle of champagne. Despite the not-so-good reviews that I have read in tripadvisor, I still believe that this grand still has its charm in every corner. If you are into shopping, this one earns a very good location, 2 minutes to Gaysorn, next door is Erawan Shopping Mall, 5 mins walk to CentralWorld, 10 minutes walk further to Siam Paragon.

When I was there, lots of rumours went along the way regarding the flooding inside the capital, however not to worry that the front-desk staffs, the duty manager and almost everybody in the property kept themselves updated about the issue. So anybody that you would ask about the flood, they always have the information in hand.

The Grand Room booked for my sister was a Hyatt standard, plush comfortable bed, pillow menu, oversized bathroom with tub and separate shower. My parents’ suite room comes with separate living room, open space, a dining table for four plus an extra powder room for the guest located next to the entrance. Towels come fresh everyday with a scent of frangipani, bathroom comes with double wash basin, huge vanity mirror, separate tub and shower, plus [comfortzone] toiletries.

As a member of Gold Passport, I earned a complimentary tea/coffee service every morning that always served with the freshly cut stacks of orchids and a daily newspaper. Just cannot wait to be back. The welcoming letter by the Director of the Room really made a little nice gesture, especially when it came with a basket of local fruits. Enjoy the snapshoots!

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A industrial style kind of place, located in the hallway of the courtyard of Plasa Senayan, let me introduce you to the most happening place for now, MONOLOG. If you can’t find it, it is just right in front of deluca (another new establishment that I have not tried yet). That pathway between the entrance of Plasa Senayan and the carpark serves almost like a catwalk, a walk to see and to be seen. Of course with your best ones!

Been hearing lots of this restaurant or cafe or coffee shop or whatever you want to call it, then one day I decided to give it a try. This place, the whole thing, reminds me a lot of the grande of Social House in Grand Indonesia. If you’ve been there before then this is almost the same, even with the feel of being here.

Divided between the smokers and non-smokers (somehow you could still smell the smoke), Monolog offers all-day breakfast menu plus some others too. Let’s go with the review:

Ambiance: a little too stuffy inside, you might want to ask to be seated outside instead of inside, along the corridor and that catwalk. Industrial like as I said, reminds me a lot of Soho back then. Nothing new, nothing much. Simple and bold. Definitely a place to hang out and linger a little bit longer.

Service: was good in a standard way, since the menu is very descriptive of what you will be getting, so there will be least likely to question the waitress/es. Food served not too long and almost in the rush pace. I have not even finished my salad when my main dish was served. Kind of a small table then you figure out how to squeeze those big plates.

Price: some says this place is too pricey, over-priced for those items. Oh well, my bill costs me like IDR350K for a soup, a salad, 2 main dishes and drinks. Still pricey don’t you think?

Food: Comes with a mixed bag of my preference. The caesar salad was the first to be brought to my table. To my surprise, the dressing was not a kick even-though the grated cheese was more than enough to have the caesar’s feel then the crispy bacon bits saved it. The soup was another affair, creamy, bacon, veggies and you named it, love this one.

My pick for my main dish was this rough fish with orange sauce or something like that. I think it was topped with grated fried shredded coconut, lots of tomatoes, heart-beans and most of all it was RED, so I was not sure what names it orange. Taste wise was alright, the fish was a bit plain but I guess it was meant to be like that, since the sauce balanced it up with the red and orange hint. Vietnamese style beef sandwich was a total kick. Lots and lots of beef, bread was crunchy, coriander’s leaves, sliced chilli, and what else inside, I could not remember, but it tasted good.

I was thinking to have desserts too, but when I looked at the display it looked like those cakes are tired and not tempting enough, so skip skip skip.

I would love to try the breakfast item which is like the talk of the town right now next time. Anyone?

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This is like a newly established Japanese chain in Jakarta, tucked in somewhere in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, offers a wide variety of Kushiyaki or Japanese style of satay and many other things too. Here is the review:

Ambiance: Not too busy for weekdays, but I recommend you to be sit inside rather than outside. The live music station is not too far from Kado and this means a total loud of sounds might disturb your meal here. Very Japanese chic kind of interior, not to fussy and messy. Straight forward, simple and inviting.

Service: Was good, the chief of the waitress/es knows the products very well, she explained every little detail of what to expect from the item in the menu, rather than blindly makes up her own description. Food was in order, but you might be just forgotten of what you have ordered when the item is delivered to your table.

Price: I don’t know why for some reasons, Japanese food is very pricey here as compared to our neighboring countries. Overall, meal for 6 costs you IDR600K plus, which was considered as OK.

Food: Could be much better, my wagyu beef satay (Not 12 or 5 or 3 but ONE stick!!) was disappointing. It was not as I expected, the meat somehow was a bit rough. Taiyaki (Japanese like pancake) was another disappointment, very bland and all I could taste was spicy. Luckily, the salad and beef sandwich saved my dinner! The salad was good and fresh, the sandwich turned to be the diva of that night. You could skip the spring roll, as it tasted just-like-that. We had this potato that meant to be Kado’s specialty; you could try this one, it was a bowl of baby potatoes sprinkled with seasonings and roasted almond! Not my thing, but was alright.

Dessert was another skip, it was not as you expected from the pictures. My custard taiyaki was very blend (a portion of 3), the ice cream was utterly sweet and the caramel pudding with green tea sauce was just-ok.

Please note that the satay is served as a stick, so means it is also priced per stick, ranging from IDR22K to 33K/stick.

Overall it was good to try something new, but this one I am not sure if I would go back again, especially dealing with its taste and price-tag.

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Jadi ceritanya lagi pengen punya tas batik tapi bukan yang bisa langsung dibeli. Pengennya design sendiri, tapi minta tolong orang buatin hehehe. Kebetulan banget kalo inget postingan yang dulu pernah minta dibuatin tas sama yang-maha-creative SawoKecikCraft, ini pun sama sejarahnya. Pas bongkar-bongkar ternyata ada kain batik sisaan kemeja, nggak banyak, ukuran nanggung, dibuat kemeja pun udah gak muat, jadi mending dijadiin tas aja.

Bertukaran ide di twitter sama email, sampe jadilah si tas ini. Prosesnya kalo nggak salah sekitar sebulan. Maklum aja bahannya dikirim dulu, beberapa gambar diseleksi, pas oke baru dibuat. Finally jadi dan balik lagi ke rumah. Pertama liat udah langsung termehek-mehek. One of a kind nggak ada yang ngembarin. Mikir-mikir lagi kayanya lebih kinclong kalo dipakein beads. Jadi deh diproses untuk kedua kalinya, dipasang beads dengan jaitan tangan dan voila here we go!!

Kalau anda juga pengen yang kaya gini, monggo silahkan contact: linaandlim@yahoo.com

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