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OK this was what happened on last Monday.. bunch of students really pushed me to the limit..

  • I have warned you not to be late in class 20 minutes is 20 minutes, and not 30 minutes.. for the last 12 weeks I dont see any significant improvements in terms of PUNCTUALITY as well as ATTENDANCE
  • When I explain thing then you should listen not busy chitchatting with your neighbours, when I ask you to discuss then you should discuss and not giving me that slap-me-face kind of look
  • How many times have I asked for your attention in class?? And how many times more do you expect me to do? In the beginning of every classes?? You wish!!
  • If you dont have any intentions to study then just dont study as simple as that.. makes our lives easier
  • Now if you cant spell re-CC-omendation then you should not say that you are a BBA student – with double M not double C!!
  • And if you still ignore those red and green lines you find while you are typing your assignment then you should not say that you are the senior
  • Or even worse, is this your first time doing your assignment? By putting the letter of transmittal at the back of your report?? Excuse me.. for God’s Sake..

 Then, right away shutted down the computer, rolled up the LCD and switched off the projector, turned of the aircon and the lights.. you can study by yourself students!! Revision?? You wish!!! DONT PLAY AROUND WITH MY KINDNESS!!

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My second visit in Kiyadon wasnt bad at all.. the service was fast, quick and genuine.. even they only imposed 6% for the service charge.. but i know that those mbak-mbak served with their hearts.. for instance if the food that you order has not out yet, she will double check without you asking.. that was rarely happened these days especially for resto that only charge 6% instead of 10%.. hehe..

Anyway, ordered quite a lotttt since I went there with my parents and sisters hehe.. and the thing was that I had not eaten anything since yesterday morning til that dinner time.. ouchhh haha.. and had taught combat in not one or two but THREE clubs in a row.. which is equal to 3 hours (including 3 times of push up tracks) hahaha made my appettite a little uncontrollable..

Opened by salmon hana roll which was delicious and I can assure you that the salmon is very fresh based on its texture, the salmon skin is a MUST… much better than -udah-digoreng-version by sushi tei sampe akhirnya jadi alot or melempem.. followed by caterpillar.. nicely done.. beef teriyaki roll is a must as well.. dont forget to ask for extra serving of mayo.. another fusion roll is Tom and Jerry.. mixture of salmon and something2 inside.. poured with teriyaki sauce on top of it.. yummm… and the grand finale was done by spider.. nice and crunchy.. without being overcooked..

If sushi is not your cup of tea, then try the udon.. my dad had this inaniwa udon.. the difference was that this type of udon is halfsize of the normal udon.. so it looks more like a normal noodle.. it was nicely cooked with a generous serving of tender sliced beef..

The drawback just as many other resto I guess.. this place you cant reserve the table over the weekend.. so first come first serve basis..  The damage? trust me it is worth to visit! without being over-priced.. Overall it was a try for Japanese food lover hehe.. yumm.. cant wait to go back again..

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Dearest my students

I would like to inform you that in the near future (date and day are yet to be confirmed) most likely will be Saturday nite.. so please arrange yourself from now on.. We are going to have an INTI Graduation dinner and INTI Ball.. The thing is that I need your opinion for the theme for that event:

  1. Black and Red
  2. Modern and Traditional
  3. Pirates of the Carribbean

If you have any other ideas than those above please let me know.. Bear in mind that this event is for students and that’s why you have to ROCK it!!! hehehe.. See you soon in class guys.. Your vote will be counted..


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Another looooooong weekend has passed.. This is how it went:

  1. Thursday, 17th May: was teaching in FF TA early in the morning then left for Bandung right after that.. My parents and my sister went first on that morning.. Been wondering about the traffic as I heard lots of bad news about the traffic to Bandung but Thanks God it was smooth all the way.. reached there about 2pm.. then ate Warung Lela – A must to try!! Had the sweet yamien with baso.. economically priced.. With a good view as a plus..
  2. Thursday nite: Sari Sunda dinner.. as my Dad said “belom ke Bandung kalo nggak makan Sunda”.. ok deh.. it was nice.. but everything was likely to be sweet.. Try the sayur asem.. and you will beg for more.. ouchhh..
  3. Friday morning: Breakfast at purnama.. somewhere near the Post Office.. old place with a good food, a huge variety of toast (I had kaya and butter.. yumm yumm..) plus its famous for its bakcang (yang somehow dikuahin).. bubur ayam was nice too.. ordered the one outside the shop.. my Dad is getting addicted with the Mie Kocok..plus the chrysant cookies..
  4. Friday Lunch: cafe Bali.. ready to eat food.. not too bad.. a HUGE variety of food until you will be confused what to eat.. try the Kolak..
  5. Friday Dinner: the Sierra.. nice view.. nice food.. with an affordable pricing strategy..
  6. Somewhere in between lunch and dinner: siomay in Cisangkuy hahaha plus the kue cubit versi Bandung.. it was really “mencubit” your taste buds.. yummyyy!! especially with a generous serving of chocolate rice..

For your interest, if I list down all the food it DOES NOT mean that I always finish it hahaha.. sometimes I just curious about the taste.. so I order plenty.. but I cant warranty you that I will finish everything on the table hehe.. I am not a big eater.. but I love to try new things..

Left Bandung on Saturday morning.. sighh.. because I had to teach in Cibubur Junction by 10.40 am, back to back with Senayan City on 1.50pm.. and not just TWO classes but THREE (3) in a row hehehe.. closing in TA on 4.20pm same day.. Sunday?? Another two classes in TA early in the morning 10.20am (Appetizer) and closing 5.30pm (Dessert).. or shall I just say I am the beginning and the end? huehehehee…

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Wahhhh.. time goes fast.. gak berasa udah the wholesome beginning.. Quick facts about this semester:

  1. First Monday all of us was still in the holiday mood.. More holiday pleaseee..This has been translated into dunno-what-to-do-faces around including myself haha..
  2. Late enrollment for students.. Please enrol for heaven’s sake.. And you will be forgiven haha.
  3. If you are late, then it’s your problem and not my business.. I repeat, it is YOUR problem and not mine..
  4. I will start my lecture on week 1.. so make sure you attend my class..again, if you are late, that is your job to find out what happened..
  5. Those who have attended my class, pay attention and be ready for more hehehe..
  6. Last but not least, I have to admit that we are still in the holiday mood.. arent we?! huehehehe…
  7. Good luck!!! The new beginning should end with a fantastic grand finale.. yiipppieeee..

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Have you been to this new pancake restorante somewhere in Permata Hijau called Panseous?? I have been passing through this place for few times on my way to Senayan City.. just before that bloody railway and the traffic light which work uncoherently (imagine yourself driving when the redlight stays for 5 minutes, and when it is green – the train crosses) this happens for not just one but many many times.. stupidddd..

Anyway, at first was thinking to go to Kiyadon in Senayan City but because of that bloody traffic jammed before the railway.. then I and my sisters decided to turn around and went to Panseous instead..

A very gracious welcome by the door.. soon be seated. nice decor I would say, fresh flowers arrangement, cozy sofas and minimalist design.. dominated by red, white and green themed.. with the pool at the back.. here we go the order:

  1. Pumpkin soup – served pipping hot, and to my amazement, this soup should be served first, but it made it appearance when I had almost done with my main course..ughhhh…the worst part was that it wasnt tasty at all.. gosh..
  2. Mushroom bruschetta – nothing to praise about.. dont order this one..
  3. Meatballs with pineapple – was expecting something more (if not the same as) the Ikea’s version of meatballs.. this one was nice.. 5 pieces grilled into perfection with a yummy sauce.. however, the last ball was uncooked inside!!.. another disappointment.. and when I complained about it, mbaknya said something like “jadi mau diganti? atau gimana?” with that slap-me-please-face.. ughhhh.. then I told her, “no its okay.. cuman kasih tau aja”..
  4. Tuna Burger in panini bread – nice filling, but the panini bread was as hard as rock.. bisa buat nimpuk maling deh.. panini bread should be toasted.. filling and crispy..
  5. Pancake with salami and sausages – the pancake was not that GREAT overall.. soggy on the second layer.. and the salami was not that tasty.. sausages were average..
  6. Penne with mushroom – Nice, simple but almost tasteless..
  7. Special pancake with butter, maple syrup and a scoop of ice cream – Nothing special really, again the pancake was soggy in the second layer.. no butter found.. maple syrup had to be requested before it brought to your table.. ice cream looked big.. but its nothing inside.. ughhhh..totally different from what you may see in the menu
  8. The service?? No service charge – but this has been translated into a lousy service if I could say it lousy.. It took years just to ask for a knife and fork.. and another year to clear up the table (even if we have ordered a dessert) and as always, it came quick when we requested for the bill.
  9. Price wise was Okay overall.. ranging from 16K and above
  10. I had this cocktail tea which filled with generous pieces of apple, strawberry and kiwi.. but then it was utterly sweet.. tasted like rujak by the end..served for two..

I dont think I will return to this place in the near future.. just wait for any improvements.. pancake award this year still goes to bread and breakfast..

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Ok students.. here we go.. all the pictures that taken during our PINK day @INTI..


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