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The Queen of the Sky has managed to take off for its inaugural flight from Singapore to Sydney two days ago.. Introducing the SQ Suites beyond the first plus previously launched Business Class and New Economy Class in B777-300ER. The next delivery for A380 will be delivered early next year hopefully and will be used to serve Singapore – London route. Thennn it’s my time to fly hahaha..

First Class all the way CGK-SIN-LHR return the damage: USD8,500 (tax included) For more information please visit www.singaporeair.com

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Join me for Special GX Combat Class tomorrow (Tuesday, 30th October 2007) in FitnessFirst Taman Anggrek 8.30pm – Pirates is the theme for tomorrow.

Get your ticket Rp. 50,000 and get a chance to win a trip to Singapore for two. The ticket will be donated to Yayasan Jantung Indonesia. I will be doing the class together with Robin and Vivi. So see you all there.. if you dont want to donate that Rp 50,000 just donate it to me hahaha..

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There was an interesting story when I stayed in Macao during my holiday not so long ago.. We stayed in this hotel acclaimed to be the 2nd largest in the world and the largest in Asia, check out the website www.venetianmacao.com Few interesting facts based on my observations:

  1. The ceiling was handpainted by the real artists flown from Venetia.. so it has never been morning or afternoon or nite.. it will always be a sunset inside the hotel.
  2. With 3,000 (yes you read it correctly-three thousands) suites in house.. porters are limited edition just like your LV murakami bag.
  3. Imagine to play volleyball.. inside your bathroom!! There was not all, the shower cubicle would fit 4 person at one time.
  4. No porters – meaning that you have to drag your own luggages in between jackpot alleys and roulette tables since the lifts are only located in the corner of each tower.
  5. Men-made river plus gondola ride.. it was not free though.. but the good thing was the gondola girl or boy will sing for you through the ride and they have an angelic voice
  6. Hotel or shopping malls inside the hotel? you decide.. thousands of shopping outlets including ZARA, Nike and many others will keep you entertained til the dawn.
  7. The hotel is really HUGE!! Believe me that you could get lost while finding your way to the breakfast outlet.. even with map on hand.
  8. Thousands of pokker table where you can find mostly Ah-Mas and Ah-Kongs enjoying themselves with colourful coins.. some were screaming (I am not sure whether they have just won or lose)

Macao anybody?

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Hi everybody, hows the lebaran? at least Jakarta is not congested for few days.. or 1 week to be exact.. nice to go around Jakarta.. anyway, decided to go to Shenzhen, Macau and HongKong for 6 days on tour.. since I have never been to Macau and Shenzhen before..

 The trip was ok, despite the fact of the-most-irritating local tour guide ever, the super-slow tour leader and the bring-your-own-luggage for 4 times.. Thanks God, it was only 2 nites in Shenzhen.. This newly developed city of China has nothing to offer rather than Windows of the World and Splendid of China.. plus fake goods everywhere.. The deal you can always bargain for everything up to 70%.. ended up not buying anything..

Macau was great on the other hand, love to come back again.. Stayed in the recently opened Venetian Macau.. where you can play volleyball in the bathroom.. the room was super-sized.. double than the standard rooms in Mulia Hotel.. the hotel was sooo huge until some of the tour members could not find a way to get to the breakfast place.. plus another men-built river equipped with Venetian style of gondola.. shop for local delicacies.

HongKong – the most interesting city to shop.. here is the schedule:

  • 9.00 breakfast in the DisneyLand accompanied by the Disney characters
  • 10.30 Leaving for HongKong from Disney Resort by MTR
  • 11.00 Arriving in HK and could not control the passion for shopping
  • 11.10 First stop: Nike store in Central where everything was slashed 10%.. ooohhh God.. 2 pairs of shoes, yoga mat, the mat case, gloves, tops and pants
  • 12.00 Second stop: GUCCI shop in central.. 4 items: 1 for me, 1 for my Mum and 2 for my sister
  • 1.00 Marks and Spencer is next.. denim jacket for my sister and she wore it right away..
  • 2.00 time to go back to the resort
  • 2.30 Arriving back in the resort and had my afternoon tea..
  • The damage: 4 big shopping bags
  • The cost: priceless

Start saving from now and shop more in HongKong next time.. anyone?

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:: Another Quickies ::

No no no it is not ‘quickies’ as in the real meaning, it will be another quick break-ultra-short holiday coming up next week.. so people i will not be around from the 9th til 14th.. not that long though considering that i wont be having anymore break until the year end.. sob sob..

So for those who celebrate Hari Raya, let me wish you a very happy hari raya.. Apologize for all misdoings.. Mari kita rayakan kemenangan (pesan-pesan sponsor hehehe)

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Training has been completed.. yayyy.. I have yet waiting for teamteaching and such.. hopefully i will be able to start doing balance.. another visit to mind and body studio hehehe..

Bazaar malem was great.. even the crowd was not as what we have expected..not bad at all with 35 stalls the turnover has reached Rp. 10 million for few hours.. and myself, I had been auctioned for Rp 50.000 hehehe.. all the auctions will be donated for charity. Anyway, things are getting a little complicated nowadays.. but i guess that’s the only stage of life that i have to go through.. May all beings well and happy.

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