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:: Attire ::

Today seperti biasa hari Jumat kan di kantor boleh pake baju bebas.. Casual Day.. akhirnya jadi deh pake jeans, tshirt and cardigan (?) gitu.. Suddenly, my students asked me like, “Sir, ini beli dimana?” “Sir, jaketnya beli dimana?” etc etc semua ditanyain huehehehe.. So students.. hope the followings links will be useful for your shopping inspiration GAP Store for my jacket or cardigan and jeans, then PureMilk which you can easily find in Kelapa Gading Mall..and this shoes that I am wearing now is from Tiger Onitsuka and it is like 2-3 years old.. Anything else you want to know? what?? undies?? that one errr.. only me and God know hahaha..

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:: Fun Stuff ::

I have recently read the blog by Miss Darmowinoto  I was a little shocked when I analyzed the lyrics.. it was far too pornographic and it should have been banned (rather than FBI Read: Fans Berat Inul). Here are my findings:

  • WONG TUWA RABI PERAWAN : an old guy married a young woman (Question mark)
  • PRAWANE YEN BENGI NANGIS WAE: she cries every nites (Another Question mark)
  • AMERGA WEDHI KARO MANUKE: because she is afraid of that ‘bird’ (Question mark-s)
  • MANUKE MANUKE CUCAKRAWA: the bird is known as ‘cucakrawa’
  • CUCAKRAWA DAWA BUNTUTE-BUNTUTE SING AKEH WULUNE: this bird has a long tail and it is hairy!! (Questionssssss)
  • YEN DIGOYANG SER SER ADUH ENAKE: if you shake it then you will feel an ultimate pleasure (Duhhhhhh.. I have told you this is a pornographic song!!)

See.. I have told you!! There is no strong association between the bird and the shaking things.. oh please…!!

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:: Quick Entry ::

Once I have graduated then I decided to be a lecturer.. I dunno why but since I was a small kid, I used to play ‘guru-guru’an.. by writing up a difficult maths problems that I didnt even know the answer hahaha and asked my sister to be my student and answered my questions..

Its kind of different from being a student who used to answer the exam paper and write up the assignment (booommm!!!) and here I am on the other side of the (coin.. or should I refer to a desk?) hehehe.. Formulating test questions plus assignments.. Now the thing is that, some students are soooo in the habit of begging (Sir, postpone dong sirrr.. Sir, tambain dikit dong Sirr…Sir, ini dong Sir.. Sir, itu dong Sirrr….) <– punch punch punch!!

Here is the deal, I have told you what I want and out of those specification I have allocated some marks for everything. This simply means if you dont fulfill those requirements then you wont be given any marks (Ongkos nulis dong Sir.. You wish!!) As simple as that.. Try to position yourself as a lecturer, how are you going to give marks, if your students answers are not answering your questions.. and therefore, how are you going to mark it..

Week 6.. Another 2 students are going to SURRENDER (again).. Thanks God.. Finally, they are going to drop my subjects.. To be honest, I prefer to have 5 students but they are good ones, rather than I have 8 students but the three are simply lazyyyyy bumps..

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“J’ai trouvé ce que j’avais recherché et maintenant je suis ainsi dans l’amour”

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Dearest my ENL210 students,

I apologize for sudden change in your timetable.. Hopefully nothing will be changed again as next week is gonna be week 5 of this May 2007 semester.. Your class has been changed to Monday and Friday instead of Wednesday and Friday according to your old timetable. So please note these changes.. and check your other classes’ timetables too..

Special thanks to Angie, Citra and Irene for turning up in the workshop last Thursday.. I hope you guys had fun and most importantly you have extracted the essence of the workshop.. For the rest, I know you were having class or some other reasons.. but please try to appreciate what others have done for your own good.. (setor tampang dikit dongggg…)

So please be informed that your test will be on Friday, 8th June 2007.. I am sure everybody can pass.. but to score that’s another thing.. Enjoy your long weekend.. Study hard and play harder!!

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