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Leg 1: CGK-SIN

I managed to fly on this reconfigured B777-300 by SQ. The aircraft fits in the regional product that is very comfortable for few hours of flying (just like what has been installed in its A330-300). The business class has also improved in terms of seat and space; instead of fitting in 2-3-2 capacity, SQ has decided to fit in 2-2-2 across which translates to more space and more privacy.

Before flying I had a chance to grab a quick lunch at SIA Business Class Lounge in Soekarno Hatta Airport. Note that this lounge has not been transformed to a SilverKris Lounge yet, but facility wise was sufficient. Selection of hot dishes and quick bites are available in the buffet area, plus PC station if one needs to do work and it offers wi-fi connection too.

Boarding was fast, efficient, and in-order. I think because this is a mid-day flight (leaving at 11.30AM) and the plane was only 80% full on that day. First and Business class passengers were first to board to the aircraft followed by the Krisflyer Gold and PPS members then the economy per section.

Service was good and consistent throughout the flight. Champagne, orange juice and water were offered once I settled in my seat. I personally rave about this seat since its made its debut few years ago and a good thing about SQ is you can actually see the seatmap and decide where to sit in the aircraft you are going to fly with and having flown with it for several years, it is rare for them to change the aircraft at a very last minute (my parents were flying with CX once and it changed the aircraft like 3 times before the scheduled departure time, with 3 different configurations!)

Leg 2: SIN-HKG

It always excites me whenever I fly with A380. SQ operates the jumbo interchangeably with its A330-300, B777-200 and B777-300ER for this route, so you can always check the time and pick the one that you like. The widest business class seat in the sky was the highlight. The aircraft that I flew with was reconfigured to all-business class upper deck and it was not that full in the mid and the last section. I did not have a chance to see how is the Suite downstairs, I wish I could next time.

For a 3hours and 25minutes of flying, the seat was more than just comfortable to indulge in. It is easy to operate and it was in 1-2-1 configuration, so if you are flying alone, you can pick window seat with direct aisle access at the same time. If you have a companion the middle section could be your pick and it also has a direct aisle access. Moreover, it is forward facing, no herringbone or reverse-herringbone which I do not find it fancy.

Service was good and the cabin crew addressed me by name throughout the flight since I was welcomed in the aircraft gate. I feel that SQ cabin service is going beyond ‘excellent’ to be very attentive without being too much and remain discreet. I spent my remaining hours to watch BRAVE and a little bit of Britney’s Femme Fatale concert. I must say it was an enjoyable ride indeed.

Leg 3: HKG-SIN

Another journey with A380 this round. What was more, the aircraft has wi-fi installed in it and for mere USD10 for 10MB access, one can enjoy using data service (Like me with my BBM) for the entire flight. It is provided by OnAir who also provides the same service for other mega-airlines too such as Emirates, Garuda (soon), All Nippon Airways, Qantas, TAP’s America, Etihad Airways, Hong Kong Airlines and so on.

You only need to connect your device just like when you connect to any hotspot wifi service, then just follow the few steps then you are connected. Wi-fi connectivity was very good, no disturbance whatsoever and I could remain connected for the entire flight.

My seat was 11K at the upper deck (another A380 with all business class-upper deck), when I did my internet check-in I was not sure if it has a window, so I double checked when I checked-in my luggage at HKIA, the agent said it should have window, but it was not! So I said to one of the cabin crew to get a seat with a window and she said it was not a full flight and only that pointy-end of the business class section that occupied, so I was free to move to 16K (with window of course!)

I must take note of the cabin crew on this flight that I think they do deserve to mention. After the meal service I was offered for a hot drinks, like gourmet coffee or TWG tea; since I was quite full then I declined politely and hey I still had a space for a little praline as it said in the menu so I asked for it. When she returned, she handed me a plate (not a piece or few, but a place consists of like 10 or 12 of assorted pralines) and she said I can have them all if I want to, which of course (again) I have to reject politely, no way that I could finish the whole plate of pralines. I thought it was a nice gesture of her.

Leg 4: SIN-CGK

Arriving in SIN then I made my way to the SilverKris Lounge in T2 and managed to get a quick shower and light snacks before I flew back to Jakarta. I still prefer the SKL in T3 though with a feel of airy and bright, the one in T2 is somehow not that bright and not that airy but never mind.

The leg was served by the older B777-200, meaning that the business class section was arranged in 2-3-2 instead of the new one 2-2-2. When I looked around the section, the middle seats were emptied, so yes it was a good one to have more space next to you. The seat was named Ultimo seat generation (if I am not mistaken) that SQ introduced long time ago before the SpaceBed took place, but for approx 90mins I do not really care.

Just a note to travellers: if you really have to land in CGK, try to avoid the peak hours like anytime after 6PM to 11PM, I think that is the premiere slot that the middle-eastern carrier also lands at that time, this translates to never-ending queue at the immigration check. Mid-day arrival is so much better with less queue in the immigration.

For those who fly out from CGK, morning up to 10AM is the peak, so try to avoid this hours, unless if you are flying with Garuda Executive Class which gives you a fast-track immigration clearance.

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