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Let me introduce you to my new blog categories. It will feature things or places that I have tried and tested hehehe.. so it’s on my own verdict..

Recently I have found these two fragrances by Kenzo when I was hanging around in Changi Airport Singapore.. Eventhough it says for women, but I think scent-wise it should be more into unisex, regardless the flowery theme that Kenzo has highlighted, this fragrance is ultimately soft but it stays longer as compared to others.

What’s more is that if you notice most of the men’s perfumes is ‘eau de toilette’ or having the softer side of the scent, which will then make it dissolves pretty quickly; whereas women have the previlege of having the bolder side of the scent, ‘eau de parfume’ or even the ‘perfume’ itself, obviously it would stay longer, note by note, hour by hour, and gradually reveals the real scent of its personality.

So please welcome my two favourites at all time, eau the tea and eau the prunier.. one is green tea, and another one is plum blossoms.. I always look for a parfume where its scent would linger around me whole day and I think these two are just perfect..For more info please visit www.kenzousa.com

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Soooo.. Valentine’s Day has pastttt.. but we are still in the month of February, aren’t we??

Have you got your CLEO Indonesia February issue??

Have you read about 10 LOVE MYTHS??

The question given to me was ‘What do you think of LOVE is blind?’

Find me in the magazine!! heheehehe.


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:: Little conversation ::

This time my post will be in bahasa.

Based on the the true story.. di suatu sore.. di hari Minggu.. 3 orang pemuda dalam sebuah perjalanan ke suatu tempat serba ada.. di dalam mobil maka terjadilah percakapan berikut:

  • A: Jadi elo sama sapa sekarang?
  • B: Gue sendiri aja nih.. lagi focus kerjaan..
  • A: Yaelahhh.. gak usah mikirin duitlah.. umur kaya kita udah harus mikirin cewe..
  • B: Hehehe.. emanggg.. but not for me.. Elu aja tuh kan elu lebih tua dari gue.. santaiiii..
  • A: Sial loooo.. mau cari yang kaya apalagi sih??
  • C: Iya bener.. hayuluu dikit lagi udah kepala 3 lohhh.. btw gue ceritain ya.. kemaren ada temen gue.. 2 cowo memperebutkan 1 cewe.. tapi 2 cowo ini beda kasta.. gue udah yakin banget dia bakal dapet sama yang tajir.. ternyataaa.. dia malah milih yang biasa aja.. padahal nyokapnya udah sreggg banget sama yang tajir itu..
  • A: tuhh dengerin.. jaman sekarang mah udah beda.. gak kaya duluuu..mommy cannot do the talk hahaha..
  • B: Hmm.. okayyy.. tapi menurut gue ya.. cewe suka elu is one thing, keluarganya gimana??
  • A: Hahahaha peduli deh keluarganya, yang penting anaknya!! hahahaaha.. ntar gak dapet2 loooo.. dulu gua berasa banyak banget yang naksir gue.. ehhh satu2 gone with the wind..
  • B: bukan gone with the wind lahhh.. gone with someone else hahahaa.
  • C: tapi kalo si A mah udah gak peduliii.. siapa juga jadiiiii..
  • A: sial loooo.. gue kan gak jelek2 amat kaliiii.
  • B: hmmm… menghibur diri ya looo.. gue daftarin elu ikut take me out aja ya?? hahhahahaa..
  • A: gue gak se desperate itu kali!!! yaaa abis mau gimana.. satu2 menghilang gituuu..
  • B: elu kurang bersosialisasi sihhhh..
  • C: iyaaa.. kerja meluluuu..
  • B: Jadi judulnya ABCD?? Any Body Can Do?
  • A: Kurang ajar!!!

Dan sampai deh mereka di tujuan..

A adalah seorang pemuda mapan.. beberapa kali putus cinta.. putus nyambung gitu lahh.. abis dia sukanya abg.. hmm.. dia selalu bilang, ada cewe cakep gak.. kalo menurut saya cewe cantik gak mutlak hukumnya.. gimana itu cewe membawa diri aja.. Alesannya simple, wanita cantik, kalo keluarga gak setuju, kalo gak nyambung, kalo possesif, kalo suka ngatur,  mau bilang apa hehehe.. Alesan kedua, kalo cowonya biasa aja.. gimana mau mengidam2kan seorang wanita cantik berkelas.. biasa aja dalam arti fisik ya.. kalaupun ada cewe cantik belom tentu juga mau di hati kan hehe.. I am speaking about the reality.. udah gak jaman cinderello ya.. kalo ada yang mau kenalan sama si A.. just leave your comment at the bottom of this page hahaha..

B adalah seseorang yang 1 tahun lebih muda dari si A.. open-minded, kerjaan yaaa lumayanlahhh, gak terlalu ribet soal urusan cewe.. mau jadian ok, mau patah hati yaaa apa mau dikata.. Dia menganggap patah hati itu bukan suatu kegagalan, tapi pelajaran buat yang akan datang.. Cinta mau diapa2in ya tetep cinta dong begitu katanya.. Harus bisa realistis, liat keadaan yang sebenernya.. Sepupu2 si B yang lebih muda pun udah pada married.. malah ada yang udah punya anak.. tapi dia selalu bilang jodoh orang itu laen2.. ada yang lama, ada yang cepet, dan gak bisa dipaksakan.. married, punya anak, last question: bahagia gak idupnya? kalo bahagia ya syukur alhamdullilah.. kalo engga bahagia yaaaa.. harus tabah yaa.

C adalah seseorang yang keliatannya lebih tua dari umur aslinya.. ehm.. bukan lebih tua, tapi lebih dewasa kali yaaa.. udah di ambang pintu perjodohan juga sepertinya.. kerjaan udah mapan..bedanya sama si A, si C ini bukan yang tipe ABCD alias Any Body Can Do.. masih menimbang bibit, bobot, bebet.. masih single juga.. beberapa kali putus nyambung sepertinya.. dan kalo penasaran, salah satu temennya yang dia ceritain itu adalah pejuang cinta hahaha..

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Having teaching BODYCOMBAT for 3 years (almost), then I can summarize the following things:

1. Someone is wearing pyjamas short to attend the class, I am not saying you CAN’T, but according to the fashion bible, it is just not appropriate to be worn in the gym with 60 eyes starring at you.

2. Super-ultra-tight-bra-that-reveals-half-of-its capacity.. mateng pohon..

3. The right-the left no difference – regardless the millions cues or the visual cues.. this person just stays as he/she is the ONLY one member in the class.. don’t blame me if you have your right/left arm bigger than the other hahaha.

4. Gorgeous young lady which forbids sweat when she is doing the class hahahaha.. Make up is more important for her.. not the water proof but the sweat proof.. plus the stay-there hairdo.. no wet, no sweat, stays for 24 hours I guess..

5. Complete shut-down: a person whom always shuts his/herself down in the class, no beats, no look up, just by oneself.. looking down, but moving!! Even when the song stops.. Robotic??!!

All in all everything  comes under the word of FUN hahahaha.. that’s why I am still here, still be on stage and still teaching!!

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I went to Jogja the other day.. one of the most-wanted-to-visit city and I feel like it is my second home whenever I visit Jogja.. eventhough nothing much to do..rather than getting myself into the food and local delicacies, plus batik shopping and just getting lost in the local market.. something that I will not do in Jakarta.

Jogja has everything on hand.. beatiful hand-painted batik, delicious local delicacies and not forgotten to mention the my-heart-winning atmosphere.. One of the restaurants that I visited this round was Bale Raos.. it is located inside the Keraton but don’t worry everybody knows it well.. The food has been prepared in the most traditional way to preserve the taste and the authenticity of its history.. The surrounding as pictured will take your heart away.. and why not cool yourself down in a glass of beras kencur.. with ice for sure.. Can’t wait to go back next time..

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So here we go.. in the heart of HK.. was accompanying my parents for few days trip.. HK has been more than fascinating city to visit.. Lots of things to see, to shop, to feel, to explore.. the atmosphere is really different as compared with KL or Singapore or any other Asian cities that I have visited.

We were staying in the Excelsior which is located within walking distance to the MTR station and 1 minute to SOGO.. not so far away from the TIMES SQUARE.. will definitely come back one day.. A good thing is HK does not impose any tax for the tourists.. so virtually whatever you purchase is a tax-free item.. No hassle of claiming the tax in the airport like in Singapore.. and this would translate to a deduction of around 20% to 30% from the branded goods sold.. So next time there is a long weekend and you feel like to splurge, visit HongKong!!

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:: Bali Trip ::

During my recent trip to Bali and after the long day of a road-trip then suddenly I was craving for es campur.. anything about ice.. and I told my driver to stop anywhere to find this es campur.. He is just like a LIVE GPS.. knows everything under the sun of Bali.. so here we go.. somewhere in Kuta.. they call it as ‘PasarSenggol’; and it wasn’t even a warung, but more like a road-side-stalls.. Close your eyes and ignore the flies.. it tastes heaven!! especially under the hot and shiny sun of Bali.. The damage: Rp. 2500 for mix fruits.. anything everything.. in a red-bowl.. Note: no service charge for the glorious smile from the ibu..

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