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Having teaching BODYCOMBAT for 3 years (almost), then I can summarize the following things:

1. Someone is wearing pyjamas short to attend the class, I am not saying you CAN’T, but according to the fashion bible, it is just not appropriate to be worn in the gym with 60 eyes starring at you.

2. Super-ultra-tight-bra-that-reveals-half-of-its capacity.. mateng pohon..

3. The right-the left no difference – regardless the millions cues or the visual cues.. this person just stays as he/she is the ONLY one member in the class.. don’t blame me if you have your right/left arm bigger than the other hahaha.

4. Gorgeous young lady which forbids sweat when she is doing the class hahahaha.. Make up is more important for her.. not the water proof but the sweat proof.. plus the stay-there hairdo.. no wet, no sweat, stays for 24 hours I guess..

5. Complete shut-down: a person whom always shuts his/herself down in the class, no beats, no look up, just by oneself.. looking down, but moving!! Even when the song stops.. Robotic??!!

All in all everything¬† comes under the word of FUN hahahaha.. that’s why I am still here, still be on stage and still teaching!!

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