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I went to Jogja the other day.. one of the most-wanted-to-visit city and I feel like it is my second home whenever I visit Jogja.. eventhough nothing much to do..rather than getting myself into the food and local delicacies, plus batik shopping and just getting lost in the local market.. something that I will not do in Jakarta.

Jogja has everything on hand.. beatiful hand-painted batik, delicious local delicacies and not forgotten to mention the my-heart-winning atmosphere.. One of the restaurants that I visited this round was Bale Raos.. it is located inside the Keraton but don’t worry everybody knows it well.. The food has been prepared in the most traditional way to preserve the taste and the authenticity of its history.. The surrounding as pictured will take your heart away.. and why not cool yourself down in a glass of beras kencur.. with ice for sure.. Can’t wait to go back next time..

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So here we go.. in the heart of HK.. was accompanying my parents for few days trip.. HK has been more than fascinating city to visit.. Lots of things to see, to shop, to feel, to explore.. the atmosphere is really different as compared with KL or Singapore or any other Asian cities that I have visited.

We were staying in the Excelsior which is located within walking distance to the MTR station and 1 minute to SOGO.. not so far away from the TIMES SQUARE.. will definitely come back one day.. A good thing is HK does not impose any tax for the tourists.. so virtually whatever you purchase is a tax-free item.. No hassle of claiming the tax in the airport like in Singapore.. and this would translate to a deduction of around 20% to 30% from the branded goods sold.. So next time there is a long weekend and you feel like to splurge, visit HongKong!!

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:: Bali Trip ::

During my recent trip to Bali and after the long day of a road-trip then suddenly I was craving for es campur.. anything about ice.. and I told my driver to stop anywhere to find this es campur.. He is just like a LIVE GPS.. knows everything under the sun of Bali.. so here we go.. somewhere in Kuta.. they call it as ‘PasarSenggol’; and it wasn’t even a warung, but more like a road-side-stalls.. Close your eyes and ignore the flies.. it tastes heaven!! especially under the hot and shiny sun of Bali.. The damage: Rp. 2500 for mix fruits.. anything everything.. in a red-bowl.. Note:┬áno service charge for the glorious smile from the ibu..

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:: Back on track ::

Wohooooo.. I can’t even remember when was the last time I updated my blog, but here we go againnnn!!!

Happy New Year 2010 everybody.. and I have decided to keep up with this blog for some reasons.. thanks guys for your supports.. it almost reaches 20 thousands hits!! yipppieeeee.. and I think this is the best way to unfold my thoughts or just to throw my opinions..

Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it.. and I am one of them.. May the year ahead bring you lots of joy and happiness, extra disposable income to spend, extra time to do whatever left behind last year hahahaha..

Happy Birthday to me!! wooohooo.. new age, new spirit, oh my.. my age doesnt move.. it’s only number.. but I have to admit that this year would be my n-celebration hahahaha.. thanks a lot for the cards, wishes, presents, etc, etc including the cupika cupiki.. so yeahhh from now on.. keep on checking this blog.. tell me what you think.. I just want to make life a little bit more colourful.. Put your hands up!!

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